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Experience an exceptional opportunity to merge your brand with a timeless tapestry of our community’s storied past! We invite you to come aboard as a sponsor for the captivating video series, “Muscatine Memories”.

This enchanting series will provide an intimate look at our treasured town of Muscatine, Iowa, as told by the people who’ve lived it. These intimate narratives will feature a riveting mix of personal histories, unique community experiences, and a comprehensive portrayal of life in Muscatine.

What We Do

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this exclusive series

Muscatine Memories is more than just a video series, it’s an important cultural passage that connects us all to the heart of our town, and your sponsorship is a direct investment in preserving these priceless pieces of our collective memory.

By sponsoring Muscatine Memories, not only are you contributing to the preservation of our local history, you’re also gaining widespread exposure for your brand. Our series will be part of the daily Muscatine Today Show, which reaches a wide and engaged audience across multiple popular platforms including Facebook, YouTube,, and PCTV – MPW Cable Channel 3.

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Muscatine Today Sponsorship

You can be a part of Muscatine’s only live, locally produced, comunnity interest show.  Every day we feature interviews with community members, segments on upcoming activities and have a whole lot of fun doing it.  In addition to commercials and liners during the show, you (or your team) can be guests on the show, display messages in the news scroll or come up with a cool segment all of your own!

Muskie Sports

Want to increase your brand awareness, reach every demographic, tap into a welcomed form of advertising and build goodwill?  Muskie sports sponsorships do that plus support and promote our student athletes across a wide range of sports currently including football, basketball, wrestling, volleyball, swimming, baseball and softball.  Opportunite include pre and post game show sponsorships, specialty sponsorships like Player of the Game and the Fan Cam, commercial plays and news ticker messages.

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