It only works if we all work together

Giving Back

Pearl City Media is thankful to be in a unique position to provide support to charitable organizations and events primarily in the Muscatine area.

We are dedicated to
the Muscatine Area

Muscatine has a rich, exciting history and a vibrant future, but only if we all work together .  Pearl City Media makes a concerted effort to support organizations and groups that are looking to the bright future of Muscatine.

Let us help promote your cause

Using our exclusive channels, the Discover Muscatine newspaper, the Muscatine Today with Ashley show and our engaging social media platforms, we’ll help get your message out!

Tony “Tone” Loconsole

Director of Community Engagement, Muscatine Community School District

Muscatine needs consistent, local outlets to share information with the entire community. The ability to reach as many people as possible is so important. We have so many good things happening in Muscatine that are worthy of airtime!

Lindsey Phillips

Director, Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Muscatine

Pearl City Media does a great job filling the gap and giving an in-person feel to share our news with our community. The unique setting of a grocery store show feels like home, running in to an old friend and catching up. It is comfortable and we can all see ourselves there having a conversation while loving & promoting out town.

Greg Bock

Lieutenant, Salvation Army of Muscatine

For those in a position like mine, shows like this are a vital lifeline of information to those who may not know where to turn for help.  It’s also an incredibly effective way to share about how we as a community can come together and give a hand up to those who are struggling. I look forward to being a guest with Ashley and showing the community how they can Do The Most Good for the Muscatine community through The Salvation Army. 

Charla Schafer

Executive Director, Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine

This format (the Muscatine Today Show) of sharing and celebration illuminates the good work going on within our community.  Through the dialogue and stories of  committed non-profits, businesses, individuals, and churches, community  opportunities are highlighted, understanding is advanced, and engagement  created.