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What We Do

Passionate Team, Driving Results

Pearl City Media is an innovative marketing agency that leverages for key areas of service, strategy, design, technology and execution, to help small and medium size businesses grow and be more effective with their resources.

Our mission is to drive value for our clients by recommending and executing services based on a thorough understanding of their business, their goals and their available resources.  This mindset means we invest more time and energy in our clients than many other agencies, but also become valued partners, not just vendors, because their success is our success.

Drive success for our clients, in their terms, by providing creative, effective, comprehensive and custom solutions to their businesses through a thorough understanding of their wants, needs, goals and resources.

Pearl City Media’s mission is to provide customized, results-oriented integrated marketing and business solutions which help our clients achieve their goals and advance their business.



What We Do

Enterprise level resources for Small Business

Throughout the last 20 years, our team has investigated, tested and used many different systems across the marketing and technology world, building a philosophy and technology stack that can be customized and applied to any business.  When you work with Pearl City Media, that experience becomes your experience.

By beginning with the end in mind, we’ve been able to help clients understand the ultimate end goal for businesses and create step by step plans to reach those goals.  Whether its implementing a new business management system, diving into the psychology of their customers, building a marketing campaign for a new product, creating a new brand from the ground up or just a new website that integrates with other existing systems, we’re here to be the custom solution that our clients value.

CEO Message

To Our Clients and Partners

I think the best way for our clients and partners to maximize their relationship with us is to understand some key things about us.

We’re Visionary – Over the last 20 years, our team has seen many strategies and tactics come and go, some succeed and some fail.  Our goal has always been to understand the world at large, learn faster than our competition, anticipate what comes next, reinvent ourselves and our services as necessary for our clients and, most importantly, continue to execute.

We’re Inquisitive – Some clients wonder why we ask so many questions at the beginning of a relationship.  The answer is simple – because we’ve seen similar situations before and want to ensure we navigate it correctly or we want to ensure we’ve learned everything we need to advise you well.

Our Clients – Our success is reflected in the clients we serve.  Our clients have met our people, seen the work we do, assess the problems we solve and understand our capabilities.  They also believe the more we understand about their business, the more of a resource we can be.

Our Assets and Partnerships – With our experience, tools and skills, we have the intellectual property to leverage and optimize solutions for our clients, whether its a better marketing ROI, more effective use of staff time and energy or greater independence from the business.

Flexibility – To borrow from a sports analogy, we can play offense and defense equally well.  We can be the ringers you pull in to get you to the next level or we can help provide the core of your future.  Need to pull in two ringers and some role players?  We’re the veterans that can help pull the team together by leading the way.

Our ultimate goal is always to build a long-term relationship that’s beneficial for everyone.  Sometimes that means leveraging our creativity to create a unique relationship structure.  Those unique relationships are why we exist, to do what others can’t or won’t for our clients.

Chris Anderson

CEO & Founder