Pay Per Click Strategies And Updates For September 2018

April 30, 2020

By Data Team

  •  Here’s how you can improve your Google Display Network campaigns.
  •  Somewhat similar to the relevance score in Facebook ads, Google has released “ad strength indicator” for responsive ads.
  •  Give your prospected customers a solid reason to click on your ads & increase the CTR. Here’s how.
  •  GoogleAds impression share data are now available in real time. Earlier, you would have to wait for 2 days to have them.
  •  Google Ads Automatically Updating Eligible Campaigns to Enhanced CPC Bidding.  Google has yet again expanded the search ads. Here’s what you need to know.
  •  Bing Ads has released two new automated bidding options which you may be familiar  with if you are using Google Ads: Target CPA and Maximize Conversions.
  •  Find out how Google automated ad suggestions are performing and if is it really helpful?
  •  Here’s a great article on landing pages. It’s sheds light on the importance of having a good landing page. Give it a read.
  •  Google Ads MCC Gets An Updated Look. It’s really a bliss for the agencies since they have to switch between multiple accounts. The new look has a drop down menu and other minor changes. But overall it sports a clean interface and is really easy to navigate.
  •  Google Text ads get Bigger.  Starting October 31st, 2018, Bing Ads will no longer be supporting the ability to edit or
  • create destination URLs at the keyword level.
  •  Starting from September exclusion will not prevent Google
    Ads from appearing on mobile apps. But there are other ways.

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