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The Proper Way to Use Social Media to Increase Your Followers, Grow Your Brand, Bring in More Customers, and Create Stronger Customer Relationships

You know you need to be on all the major social media platforms. But being on the platforms isn’t enough. You need a social media strategy that’s going to work for your unique brand and business. You need a strategy that’s going to translate into revenue and real-world growth for your business.


Every business today has two or more social media profiles. But very few have a strategy that makes social media work for them. They try to sell on their social media pages only to see dismal results because they haven’t build a proper foundation and set up an effective process.

Pearl City Media has helped many businesses and brands create an effective social media strategy. We can help you with every aspect of social media marketing and management that works for your unique business and brand.

Why Invest in Social Media?

Most businesses may dabble in social media but not invest heavily into the channel because it’s hard to measure results. But social media in a worthwhile investment for many reasons.

– 71% of consumers that have good social media experience with a brand are likely to suggest it to others.

– 54% of social media users use their favorite platforms to research products.

– 27% of online users discover new products from seeing social media ads.


Simply put, social media is essential if you want to grow your audience, build your brand, and sell more of your products/services. Social media ads are also important since so many consumers actually click and buy from these ads.

Download Our Social Media Checklist

Want to know how to set up your social media marketing for success? This easy-to-follow checklist will help you build a winning foundation for your campaigns.


Here’s What’s Included in Our Social Media Management Services

Our team does more than simply post on your social media profiles on a regular basis. We offer complete social media management and marketing services to create an effective strategy for growth and revenue. Here’s what you can expect from us:

– Optimization of all of your social media profiles so that your campaign is set up for success.

– Researching content ideas and creating content for social media posts.

– Ongoing attempts to create engagement and build relationships with your followers.

– Strong emphasis on marketing to grow your followers so that you can extend your brand’s reach.

– Monitoring of your brand on social media platforms to address any negative news and capitalize on opportunities.

– Creation of social media promotions to announce to your followers across all platforms.

– Total campaign management. We’ll figure out the best posting schedules and create a content calendar for your brand. We’ll then manage all the posting on the major platforms.

– Expansion into social media ads if you ever decide that you want to promote your products/services on the major platforms.

Whether you want to focus on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIN, we have you covered. We have experience with all of these platforms and understand how to make the most of them. It’s not enough to dabble in social media. You need a comprehensive strategy to make this channel work.

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