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Your Online Reputation Determines Whether People Do Business With Your or Not. Here’s How to Fix the Problem.

Low ratings, bad reviews, and fake reviews can hurt your business. With your business profile available upfront, you can end up losing valuable customers and falling behind your competitors.

Online reputation management is essential for small businesses. Your business ratings and reviews on Google, Yelp, and other similar websites are only a few clicks away. If you want to stand out, bring in more customers, and build your brand, you need to have a strong online reputation. 


Eye-Opening Statistics About Your Reputation

Just how does your online reputation affect sales? How many reviews do you actually need? How do reviews affect prospects? Here are some eye-opening stats:

– 91 percent of younger consumers trust reviews and rely on them to make purchase decisions.
– Harvard Business Review found that every additional star on Yelp translated to a five to nine percent boost in revenue.
– Consumers want to see 35 or more reviews to provide them with confidence that the reviews are legitimate.


Free Report Reveals 3-Step Process for Building a Strong Online Reputation

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What Do We Do to Build and Manage Your Reputation?

Our team at Pearl City Media will handle every aspect of building and managing your reputation online. It’s important that you be proactive about your reputation as well as take measures to monitor your reputation against negative reviews, bad ratings, and fake press. Here are some of the things we’ll take care of for you:

– Claim your profiles and/or listings in all the important and relevant websites. This step is important because competitors can steal your listing.

– Optimize your profiles and listings to provide your prospects and customers that are going to lead to a better customer experience.

– Follow up with customers and entice them to leave positive ratings and reviews. There are many right and wrong ways to do this, especially since many review sites have rules.

– Follow up with negative reviews and work with reviewers so that they rescind their reviews.

– Identify common customer complaints and work with you to fix these issues to prevent more negative ratings and reviews from coming in.

– Constantly monitor online platforms like blogs, forums, social media sites, and local business listings for negative feedback. You’ll be able to address disgruntled customers, answer customer support requests, and be alerted to competitors that are spreading lies.

– Monitor your business and brand mentions online so that you can capitalize on opportunities. This can lead to business partnerships, new customers, sponsorships, and more.

Online reputation management can be a full-time job. You need to have the right team and tools in place to ensure that the job is done right. Instead of using your resources on this aspect of digital marketing, why not let us take the helm?


It’s not just about playing defense, you need to be proactive about building a positive reputation as well. We are currently managing the online reputation of many clients with great success and can bring you the same kind of results.

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