Ever wish it was possible to reach out to interested leads again?


If so, you can with online marketing.

If you’ve ever visited a website, browsed products, clicked out of it, and then seen ads for the products you had previously clicked on (or gotten an email reminding you that you clicked on certain items), you’ve experienced it.

Consumers’ attention spans are short, and websites selling products and services are abundant. Any way you can stand out and get people’s attention in a positive way drives more business to your site and recognition among your target audience. Want to get in on it? Ask us. We can help!


of E-Commerce visitors are more likely to buy if contacted or targeted again. Only 3% buy on the first visit.


of marketing allocation in 2018 to paid display spend was on retargeting.

Both Facebook and Google have the greatest reach.

Remarketing (retargeting) lets advertisers and marketing specialists to display internet ads to users who have already visited a site. Once users leave a site, retargeting shows ads for a brand across the different sites they visit. This leads to an increase in brand impressions, customer loyalty and the likelihood that the target audience will visit your site again to interact with your brand or spend money on products or services.

Retargeting is available via web, email, web search and social media, and is a cost-efficient and meaningful way to target people who are already interested in what your brand or company has to offer. It reminds them to take an actionable step, which increases leads and conversion rates.

You’ve probably experienced this yourself, and maybe it inspired you to make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter, request a catalog or give something another chance. If you want to tackle retargeting, we’ll get your ads popping up on screens after people visit your site!

Here is what we can offer you:

Plan and Select the Best Platforms

We will meet with you to discover what your business and marketing goals are, and then our team of marketers will determine the best approach. Based on your needs and budget, we will then look into a variety of tools and services to choose the best ones with the highest ROI.

Work on Production and Placement

Next, our copywriters and designers will work in tandem to perfect the best words and designs to accompany the ads for your products or services. Then, we will select the best places to post them, pay for them and send them out into the world (with your “okay,” of course!).

Measure Performance

The work does not stop once your ads are being shown to consumers. Keeping end goals and ROI in mind, our team will put together a campaign report based on web and activity statistics, lead generation, platform indicators and success metrics.

When you reach out to our knowledgeable designers and copywriters, be assured that we have in-depth knowledge of what it takes to successfully retarget consumers.

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