Want more customers to know your story?

You might want to spice up your public relations strategy.

Public relations and branding are interconnected.

To help customers understand what your brand is about, you need to tell it in words that they can not only understand, but resonate with. Piquing the interest of your ideal audience can be done through unique messaging, and, lucky for you, we can help.

Public Relations is the communications process between businesses, organizations or people and the public. Having good PR tactics relates to having a good strategy, which builds and fosters trust among customers and others in the community.

Knowing how to define and differentiate your brand from the competition is invaluable because people will be able to see what makes it unique, leading them to choose to buy from or work with your business.

We will bet that you have seen people and companies with good and bad PR strategies. The best ones sound genuine and unique, while the worst ones are cringe-worthy or forgettable. Wish your brand could be part of the former group? We know just how to help.


of business decision-makers prefer to get company information in a series of articles versus an advertisement.


of Public relations professionals and marketers believe the future is digital storytelling.

Pearl City Media Provides: 

Streamlined Planning

Fill us in on the story you hope to convey, and we will guide you towards the best messaging. We can also help shape your overall image and present tactics (such as identifying which initiatives would be a good fit) to help you put forward and act on one cohesive vision.

Brand development that is anything but boring

Once you story is finalized, we can get to work on brand positioning, messaging, campaigns, product launches and event activations as you and our team see fit. We will also invite you to share any thoughts you may have about the long-term vision for your brand.

Influencer outreach and tailored communications

Always keeping your desired outcome in mind, our team will reach out to the media and influencers who may be interested in collaborating with your brand. We will also write event-specific communications outlines to make putting messaging out easy in the future. After getting the okay from you, our collective vision will become a reality. Score!

We help you articulate, refine and leverage your brand

When you ask our team to help elevate your PR efforts, you can rest assured that we know how to communicate and sell your brand to your target audience at every stage.

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