Pay Per Click Advertising


Ever wish you could spend a bit more to drive the right people to your site?


If so, that is possible through paid “pay per click” advertising (PPC).

Have you been ready to board a plane, and, at the last minute, paid a little extra to move up to First Class, leading to free snacks, a comfy pillow and a more relaxed flight? This is essentially the same thing.

Consumers, your target audience included, want to see ads that are relevant and meaningful to them. Ones that speak to them encourage them to act, leading to more web traffic and sales for you. Are you ready to get consumers who could benefit from your brand seeing your ads? Great, we can help make that a reality for you.

PPC is one of the top three generators of on-page conversions.


More Traffic conversions brought through PPC advertising yields than organic advertising.


More brand awareness brought by paid search

Pay Per Click Advertising (also known as PPC), especially through a service such as Google Ads, drives meaningful traffic to your website via search engines almost instantly. Targeting specific geographic areas, devices or demographics is also possible, making these efforts cost effective.

PPC is most beneficial when paired with SEO services, which, in turn, makes websites’ positioning and keywords more competitive. PPC campaigns, when integrated with stellar copywriting efforts, sleek landing page designs and custom-picked analytics channels, can help you meet your sales and campaign goals, and drive more people to your site.

Any time you have seen sponsored ads related to your geographic location or demographic, chances are that was part of a PPC campaign. They really are effective, are they not? If you are interested in getting PPC campaigns going for your brand, reach out to us. We are here to help!

Here is the lowdown on our PPC services:

Campaign Strategy, Setup and Maintenance

We can talk campaign strategy with you, plus get everything set up to get the ball rolling. Our team can even monitor it as it runs, making sure things run smoothly.

Copywriting and Keyword Research

Our digital marketers and copywriters can research the best keywords for your campaign’s duration, topic and goals. Then, they will get to writing the copy, from the headlines to the CTA. Once it gets your approval, it is go time!

Conversion Tracking and Remarketing Services

The discussions with you continue once we get to talking conversion tracking and set up. We can even look into remarketing to help you reach more people.

The marketers at Pearl City Media are here to help your brand put out the best PPC campaigns, from marketing to strategy to everything in between, to get results fast.


When you invest in our team, rest assured that we are an accomplished group of strategists, ready to help you succeed.

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