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Transform Your Email Marketing into One of the Most Profitable Channels for Your Business.

Every business knows that email is an important channel. But very few of them are satisfied with the results they’re getting. Our team can help you maximize your email campaigns whether you use it for follow-up sales campaigns, regular promotions, marketing funnels, or lead nurturing campaigns.

Skyrocket Your Email Opens, Clickthrough Rates, and Sales With Our Proven Strategies.

It’s no secret that email is one of the most effective digital marketing channels that you can use. Your email list can bring in a regular stream of revenue, expand your company’s profitability, and help you build an asset for your business. In fact, it’s been found email can return $38 for every dollar invested.


The Challenges of Email

If that’s the case, then why are so many companies struggling with their email marketing? They see the statistics that show how great email can be, but they’re not seeing the kind of results that they are expecting. While email can be very effective, there are several challenges that many businesses face:

– Collecting good data for your campaign is a big challenge. It can be hard to figure out what should you test, how should you test, and how to make the most out of your data.

– You have to compete for attention in a crowded inbox. If your email doesn’t grab the recipient’s attention, you’ve already lost the battle.

– Keeping the engagement of your email subscribers is difficult. You have to ensure that you build a relationship with them so that they stay engaged with your emails.

– Confusion about how to run and manage campaigns. Companies often wonder how often they should email, when they should send out promotions, how to design emails, what kind of subject lines they should use, and how their emails should be crafted.

We can help you overcome the challenge of email. Pearl City Media has created winning email campaigns for many clients. We work with our clients to build campaigns, manage existing campaigns, and establish winning systems to ensure their email campaigns integrates well with their existing marketing strategies.

Get Our 11-Point Email Checklist

Download our 11-point checklist to increase the chances of your email getting opened, read, and clicked on.

Before you press the send button, you want to make sure that your email is set up for success. Our checklist takes the guesswork out of your email so that you can send out your emails without uncertainty.


What Can You Expect from Our Email Services?

At Pearl City Media, we cover every aspect of email, here is a small sample of what we work on:

– Collecting data to find when the best times and dates to send out your emails.

– Multiple tests of email campaigns before they are sent out to your entire list. This will ensure you see the highest response rates.

– Proper email segmentation so that your promotional offers are targeted towards the right audience.

– Professional level email copywriting. Our team will work on everything from the subject line, preview text, introduction paragraph, to the call to action to ensure that your readers are hooked to the very end.

– Creation of effective marketing funnels and lead nurturing campaigns to set up your marketing campaigns for success.

– Development of various systems such as upsell promotions, elaborate marketing funnels, lead generation follow-up campaigns, and cart abandonment follow-ups.

Don’t settle for less from this marketing channel. We can help take your email campaigns to the next level. Our campaigns start with extensive testing and are built in a data-driven manner. See the higher response rates, sales, and profits you’d always expected with email.

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