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Market Saturation

Combining the power of positive news with every mailbox delivery (over 22,000 households and 40,000 people), we’re able to ensure residents of Muscatine, Wilton, West Liberty, Nichols and the surrounding communities have the opportunity to see your message in print!

Community Driven Content

Local News

100% local focus on stories that need to be told and information that needs to be distributed

Local Sports

Everything from game recaps to season previews and reviews for local school and semi-pro teams

Puzzles & Comics

Classics like a crossword, soduku, Hocus-Focus, a kid’s puzzle, Laff a Day and Popeye draw engaged readers

Event Calendar

Every business, non-profit or other group may post for free on the community’s most comprehensive event calendar

Local Obituaries

Free obituaries with a picture for local residents as provided by our local funeral home partners

Amazing Inserts

Our inserts aren’t just advertising, they’re information our community craves and supports

Directory Ads

Smart, effective branding and top of mind awareness ads for featured businesses on a regular basis


Quick and effective, classified ads still drive results for garage sales, employment and more


Coverage of our local schools and students, focusing on successes and supporting solutions


Display Ads

Display ads, sometimes called ROP or Run of Press, look like classic graphic and web ads displayed throughout the paper.  Measured by the column inch (CI), the provide the ultimate in flexibility and impact for the investment.  Don’t have a designer on staff?  No problem, our team will work with you to build the ad you need.



Want to insert a special offer?  Let us handle the design, layout, printing and inserting!  Perfect for flyers – you can even order more for you to use in your business or for your event.  Often designed for 8.5″ x 11.5″ stock, rates can’t be beat.  GREAT FOR RESTAURANT MENUS!


Pre-Printed Inserts

Great for larger businesses working with an agency, our pre-printed insert service let’s you take advantage of your printing capabilities and our unmatched reach in the Muscatine market.  With pricing based on weight/size, you’ll always be maximizing your ad budget!

Sponsored Content

While display ads work great for many businesses and inserts have their time and place, what if you want to be known as an industry leader in a certain area?  What if you want to show your support of certain activities in the community?

Sponsored content is your answer!  By sponsoring content of certain types or categories, your ads and information will always be near the content you need for your advertising plans.

Have a product for parents?  Look at sponsoring educational content.  Have a product that’s health related?  Look at sponsoring health and wellness content.

The possibilities are nearly endless and completely customizable.  Reach out today to learn how we can help build your brand!