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Want your brand to be remembered in the best way possible?


If so, there’s no better time to jazz up your design efforts. Design, branding and content go together like the Three Musketeers.

Picture a globally-known sneaker company without the trademark logo. Or a fast food restaurant without the world-famous arches. Or a soda can without the distinct lettering. Sad, right? When you’re building or reinventing a brand, logos and designs are important pieces to the puzzle.

The marketplace is more competitive than ever, so making a good impression is vital. This will ensure that you are communicating your goals and establishing relationships with your target audience. Developing professional and eye-catching images is an essential part of marketing, and we’re up to the task.

Greater market share for companies that encourage creativity


of small businesses think that the importance of graphic design to business success will grow exponentially in the next five years

The human brain process visuals this much faster than it processes text, hence why many brands add visuals to their logos

Graphic Design relates to the process of visual design through art forms such as photography and typography. It’s interconnected with communication, and can help drive brand recognition, purchase dollars spent and loyalty among consumers.

Standout designs add to positive assumptions about a company or a brand. They also help people remember the name and services of a company, especially if they have seen a graphic or logo many times.

In your years of being familiar with logos and graphics, you’ve probably seen both good and bad examples of design.

There’s no doubt that good and bad design is memorable. In fact, there are even games, apps and pop culture references centered around logo recognition. Pixilated logos may make you want to look elsewhere, while noteworthy ones may make you want to stop for a minute and take them in. If you want your brand to be one of the noteworthy ones, we can get designing!

We love design at Pearl City Media, and can get you set with the following:

Logo and Branding Mockups

Fill us in on your vision for a logo, and we will mock up designs, colors, text and full graphics that align with your preferences. Color, black and white or multicolor: we’ll help you decide on a design that works across multiple design requirements! Once you decide on your top picks, we’ll show you how the color palette will look across your website, marketing pages and other design assets.

Web and Ad Graphics

Need new images for your website or ad campaign? We have got it covered! Whether the best solution for you is a mix of photography, graphics and words, or something else entirely, we can deliver numerous suggestions to get you inspired.

Business Cards

Keep your corporate or branding identity fresh with updated business cards and funky, memorable card holders. You never know when you might need one!

When you reach out to our design team, rest easy knowing we have the passion and experience to make you amazing graphics that will not only elevate your brand, but make your print and web pieces more polished as well.

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