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Are you inspired to bring more leads to your website, turning them into happy customers?


If that’s the case, you want to get blogging. Blogs, marketing and lead generation are interconnected.

To get customers enthusiastic about your brand, have some fun with selling your products and services, but mix that with authoritative content. Reaching your target audience this way can be done through a great blog, and we’re available to help.


of marketers say blogging is their top inbound marketing priority


growth rate of the content marketing industry year over year


of marketers accept blogging as the most important content strategy

Blog Design and Development is the process of either putting together a blog from scratch or making tweaks to an existing one to make it stand out to potential customers, collaborators and your target audience even more. This involves creating eye-catching graphics and written content on a regular basis to keep readers thinking about your business. With a solid blog, not only can SEO and content marketing efforts be improved, but social media, email marketing and copywriting strategies can be ramped up as well.

This is invaluable because people feel like they can relate to the voice behind your brand. Also, regularly publishing blog posts leads to more pages being indexed by search engines and more backlinks to your site, which means more and more people can discover what you have to offer.

You’ve probably seen blogs that you want to emulate. We get it — regardless of whether they make you want to bake something delicious or join in the fun, they read more like articles or handy “how-to” guides, not traditional blogs. If you want to reinvent what your business has to offer with some fresh blog content, you’re in luck. We can hook you up.

At Pearl City Media, we offer the following blog-related services:

Guidance and Strategy

If you’ve yet to dip your feet into the world of blogging, never fear! We can design a blog that matches your business’ overall branding and vibe, or, if you would like to give yours a refresh, we can redesign. Regardless of where you’re at in the process, our team can also give you the scoop on what it takes to make a successful company blog.

Next-level Naming and Development Services

After we identify your goals, our team of bloggers can come up with a name for your blog that is truly unique. And, don’t forget about our superstar developers, who can add handy features into the CMS, such as search, layout and SEO functions.

Ongoing Management and Content Creation

Our nimble team can step up and support you with ongoing blog management and content creation to keep things relevant, on-brand and up-to-date with the latest SEO and marketing recommendations.

The marketing and development teams at Pearl City Media are here to help you make or refresh your blog, ultimately leading to people reading, sharing and taking action as a result of learning more about your brand.


When you ask us to hook you up with a next-level blog, you can feel psyched that this change is for the better.

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